Adam Stubley was born in Huddersfield, England in May 1964 and grew up in an artistic family. After a year motorcycle overland journey through Europe and the Middle East to India in 1986, he settled in Bavaria.
Since 2000, Adam works in the trade fair branch, which takes him to the major cities in Europe, where he collects ideas for his artwork. He also likes to take inspiration from nature by combining metal, stone, wood and water.
Since more than a decade he has worked as an artist, designer and constructor for the Tollwoodfestival in Munich. Over the last years he has produced a series of art works related to the increasing pollution with plastic in the ocean.
In 2017 Adam and Geert Vons (Artistic Director Sea Shepherd Global) created together a piece of art  commissioned by “Sky Ocean Rescue Week: Mix Up Art”.

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