Driven by Passion

ARTISTS for SEA SHEPHERD is an initiative aimed to raise awareness for SEA SHEPHERD and her worldwide direct action campaigns, by focussing on creativity. We are addressing artists and influencers and inviting them to support SEA SHEPHERD and use their talents, and express their concerns regarding the threats the ocean and the marine environment worldwide are facing. Aim is to raise awareness as well as generate, direct and indirect, funds for our global campaigns.

We keep evolving a multi-faceted approach, trying to engage people in different ways in order to get a little piece of their attention and wake them up. Directness, clarity and authenticity are key. You can refer to scientific reports when discussing the dangers facing our ocean, but when you talk from the heart, it becomes something different.

“Artists have the talent, the gift to speak direct to the heart. That’s why art is a perfect medium to provoke change. Something beautiful or engaging may raise awareness, but it does not automatically make someone care enough to take action. A solid and clear strategy is needed to fill that gap. The art of making someone care enough to take action.”

– Geert Vons, Artistic Director SEA SHEPHERD Global.