Raising awareness on the threats to marine animals.

In Munich, Germany, 50 local and international artists have artistically reinterpreted 5,000 square meters of interior and exterior space. In the absence of the public and hidden behind the façade of the former Tengelmann headquarters in Landsbergerstrasse 350, artists of urban and contemporary art have been working for several months during the summer on their individual „spatial experiments“. The numerous relics of the former office complex serve as inspiration and backdrop for their works; mouse-grey wallpapers became canvases, files turned into sculptures, and office cabinets into installations – spray painted, drawn, hammered and artistically realized on several floors. Now the KUNSTLABOR and its artists are ready to present themselves and take visitors on a voyage of discovery through this unique art project from 13 October before the building gives way to a new development.

Adam Stubley and his team (his son Vincent and his friend Marius) captured the wash room of the lorry drivers and converted it into a underwater world with a shark, stingray and turtle swimming in the ocean with lots of plastic trash.