“When you drop a grain of salt in a bowl of water, it seems to disappear while it dissolves. Yet, from whatever side you would choose to drink from the bowl, the water will taste salty. They have become one, inseparable.

I believe that in the same way the energy of the universe is present within each of its creations. Invisible to the eye, but ever present. Equal in its core and pure sense of being. We are made from the same particles of life, just molded in different shapes. The whale, fish, bird or dolphin are as much a part of me, as I am of them.

After spending most of the last decade living and travelling around the worlds coastlines, I got to see the true beauty Mother Nature has to offer, but also got confronted with the destruction. I joined Sea Shepherd to help out in restoring the balance and harmony. To be a voice for the voiceless, respect all earthlings equally and to not feel privileged, nor immune. It was time to give back for all the magic that I had received.

Growing up I was forced to believe that wealth and power are the definition of success. That greed was more important than righteousness. A society completely lost and disconnected from the same ground it was made from. And now here we are, flakes of stardust, at the most important crossroads in the history of mankind.

I started wondering. How can we expect our children to show compassion to one another when we raise them in a world of inequality? We want them to treat other people with respect regardless of their culture, ethnic background or beliefs… when at the same time we force them to make a distinction between which animals are considered pets, food or amusement. For me, equality doesn’t exist if it’s been imposed from a superior position. If we deserve freedom, so do our fellow species.

For me, Sea Shepherd acts by this statement every single day.

Guilt tends to kick in when it’s too late. I decided to no longer sit back and watch our oceans fall even further into decay. I made the choice to act now, channeling and displaying my experiences as a Sea Shepherd crew member through my ‘ARTivism’. Share love and compassion. Be a single drop in a sea of water. Together we can turn this world into a place we can be proud to live in.”

Support by Willem Cattersel