World Champion Tina Schüssler 3rd at German Rock & Pop Finals.

For the 36th time, the “German Rock & Pop Award” took place in Siegen, Germany, on the weekend. The jury had chosen Pop Rock singer Tina Schüssler, three times world champion (boxing, kickboxing and K-1), presenter and TV announcer, for the main category of best singer/songwriter in the live finale. She presented her own composed and texted pop song “Confused World”, which she produced together with Christof Czarnecki.

Tina was supported by more than 100 fans and her live performance was a highlight, as she created an energetic mood with her unique voice and her stage presence. She let the stage floor shake, made the masses rave and successfully rocked the hall. In the category “Best Pop Singer” Tina made a remarkable 3rd place. “I am proud to be recognized in music after 25 years in competitive sports and to have received this award for the beginning of my career in this field. I was so happy that I made it to the 90 live finalists. Simply gigantic. The event was great.” says Schüssler.

100% Tina for Sea Shepherd
Tina often wears the logo during performances. She wants to point out that together we must fight for our seas and life. If someone can fight, then this power woman.
America is already hot for the socially engaged and singing boxer. In collaboration with Philipp Maier, the producer of Bobby Kimball (Toto), John Zaika from Los Angeles, has already produced a song for Tina. Featured were LA top musicians such as vocalist Dexter Espinoza, the back-up singer with Michael Jackson, and guitarist Arnie Vilches. She is also making a song with rappers from the Wu-Tang clan and they will be shooting a music video together in New York next year.