World Champion Tina Schüssler at the Live German Rock & Pop Finals.

On December 08, the “German Rock & Pop Award” will take place for the 36th time in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen, Germany. Pop Rock singer Tina Schüssler has made it to the TV live finals. The 3-time World Champion (2013 Boxing, 1998 Kickboxing, 2016 K-1) joins the main category of best singer/songwriter. She will present her self-composed song “Verwirrte Welt”.

From professional boxing to music

Tina Schüssler ended her boxing career in September last year because of a cervical spine injury. From an early age Tina played the piano, as well as bass and percussion. She used her passion for music as a balance to her sport.

“The music helped me in 2009 even from a serious illness depression. I suffered a stroke, was paralyzed on the left side, could not speak anymore. In 2010, another heart surgery followed. After almost 3 years of hospital and rehab stays, I made it back to life.”(Tina Schüssler)

Internationally successful

“Working with such a pro in all areas is fun and the rapid development of Tina in the music industry together with international stars is amazing,” said her producer Philipp Maier in June in an interview with a Berlin newspaper. Maier has collaborated with the singers of bands like Deep Purple, Toto, Foreigner or Nazareth. America is already hot for the socially engaged and singing boxer. In collaboration with Philipp Maier, the producer of Bobby Kimball (Toto), John Zaika, has already produced a song for Tina. Featured were LA top musicians such as vocalist Dexter Espinoza, back-up singer with Michael Jackson, and guitarist Arnie Vilches. Tina is also working on a song with rappers from the Wu-Tang clan.

Commitment to humans and animals

Since her severe illness crisis in 2013, Tina Schüssler has been involved as a patron and ambassador of numerous well-known organizations. Her intention is to help, strengthen, motivate or simply accompany sick and weak people. Tina has a tireless commitment to animals as well and is active for Peta, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Sea Shepherd. A strong energetic power woman who dares to fight side by side with Sea Shepherd for our oceans and all the life in it.

Save our seas with Sea Shepherd

“We are destroying our oceans, the beautiful creatures in them, we are polluting their habitat with oil and plastic and we are slaughtering whales and fish for money and profit. I can not and do not want to simply stand by and watch. I want to support Sea Shepherd and make people aware that we can make a change. You should never give up! Sea Shepherd is actively and fully committed in their campaigns. That appeals to me and is also my motto, always give 100 percent, in all areas, including music. So now also with Sea Shepherd! ” (Tina Schüssler)