Mini-album by Sea Shepherd crew member James Brook.

‘South Ocean’ is the new mini-album from Sea Shepherd crew member James Brook. Recorded at sea during an anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica, this unique mini-album contains seven original pirate folk songs. In difficult conditions the crew braved subzero temperatures to set up a temporary studio in the focsle (workshop) in the bow of the conservation ship M/Y Steve Irwin. Over many nights songs were played, arranged and recorded in between clashes with the illegal whaling fleet. Listeners can hear authentic ship noises in the background as waves slosh against the hull, the anchors clatter and the everpresent engines purr.

Sung in a 21st-century sea shanty style, these modern pirate songs celebrate Sea Shepherds’ militant form of direct action conservation and the sacrifices the volunteer crew go through in order to keep the campaigns and ships running. 50% of all artist profits will be donated to Sea Shepherd.