Corally with Jean Marie, BillX and Thomas in defense of the ocean

From POP to PSY, from HARDTEK to FUTURE BASE: four artists from different music genres decided to join forces in support of SEA SHEPHERD resulting in the “SHELLEY SUMMER MIX”

Corally, tell us please: what does the title mean, how did it all start and why are you supporting Sea Shepherd together with Jean Marie, Billx and Thomas?

I first met Sea Shepherd through social media, and then through an event, Ama Music Festival, in 2019, during which I got to know some of the volunteers up close and they talked to me in detail about their direct action activities at sea. At that event I was performing with my former rock band ang I got to know Geert Vons, Artist Director of Sea Shepherd Global and Andrea Morello, President of Sea Shepherd Italy. It was in that very moment, talking with them about how art and music can help the ocean, that the idea of helping Sea Shepherd through music was born: all I wanted do was to write and sing about the ocean. Since then, my goal became to make my music a loudspeaker to spread a very important message that affects us all: the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea. This means that our survival on this planet depends on the health of marine life, so protecting it from illegal fishing is our priority.

This new song, “Shelley Summer Mix” is the special summer mix of my original song “Shelley” co-written with Stefano Paviani and Laguna. While writing “Shelley” we really wanted to create a call-to- action song of strong emotional impact, with an energizing mood. The first original version was a lucky song: it was included in the soundtrack of the documentary “I Guardiani del Mare,” (The Guardians of the sea) on Amazon Prime and presented at the 79th Venice Film Festival. Then, in January 2023, after I published the official video of the song, I met a dear friend I had not been talking to for ages. We were both queueing in Padova at the train station.

Jean Marie, an excellent producer from Puglia (Italy) who has collaborated with producers such as Sean Paul and Florida, was standing there in front of me! That’s where it all started. After our encounter we started talking about our projects and decided to work together giving life to a new version of Shelley, joining forces and mixing genres. Jean Marie then involved his team and the other producers: Billx and Thomas Deil. Thanks to their expertise and passion, the song was released in less than 3 months and, only 2 weeks after the release, “Shelley Summer Mix” hit position number #1 on the Spotify Chart Top 50 Songs Bulgaria chart and position #2 on Top 50 Songs Iceland in May and has been included in the chart Viral °50 in Iceland. Since then, it has already had more than 500,000 plays on Spotify.

Shelley was not born as the classic verse and refrain songs, it was born out of a feeling I had while standing in front of the sea, as if I felt the call of the sea. And I tried to express this call with my voice. Shelley was born this way: an exhortation, translated into sound, to defend the sea: “Come with us to sail and fight for life.” I feel Shelley is more than as a song, it is a personal call to action as well as a way to let others know that, if we join forces with our actions, music and care we can really make a difference to defend the Sea.

The title “Shelley” is the vocalization I sing during the full song and it evokes the word “shell”, defined by the ancient Greeks as the ear of the sea. And it also evokes one of my favorite poets: the great English Romantic lyricist Percy B. Shelley. I remember when in high school the English teacher explained to us his poem Ode to the West Wind and told us that it described the effects of the impetuous wind on Nature, which can be interpreted both as the moment of ‘poetic inspiration and as the radical change brought into the world by the poem and the prophetic figure of the poet. I would like music and songs to become in effect a means of bringing about change.

I have always loved the sea and marine wildlife, and I have been supporting Sea Shepherd in their mission to protect the sea and marine wildlife since 2019 writing songs about the ocean. However, back then I was alone. Today, in 2023, we are a team, a group of musicians together in support of the ocean. And that’s what makes the difference, wave after wave, drop after drop, we can really make a change.  I strongly believe that music and lyrics can reach the audience touching people’s hearts, that’s what I want, deliver the message and the urgency of protecting the sea.

In fact, me, Jean Marie, Billx and Thomas decided to join our forces to reach as many hearts and ears as possible, to raise awareness about the health of the sea: our life on this beautiful planet depends on marine ecosystems. Music speaks on an emotional level, and that is why it is a perfect medium to provoke change. Indeed, the track is a call to action, a call to defend marine wildlife from the threat of poaching. That’s why, together with the producers Billx, Jean Marie and Thomas, we decided to start the track with the words “Come with us to sail and fight for life”. That’s our priority, fight and spread the message through our music to conserve our planet.

The sea is the source of our own life. From the sea we come and there we will return. We have a responsibility to defend, protect and conserve marine species in order to safeguard our very survival on this planet. Through art and music our aim is to show the dramatic situation of lawlessness in our waters, while simultaneously suggesting action we can do, triggering hope and inspiring people.

The song “Shelley Summer Mix” is now available on iTunes and Youtube

Royalties from the song are donated to Sea Shepherd in order to support their direct-action campaigns at sea.

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CORALLY, a.k.a. Camilla Fascina writes songs to bring attention to the need to defend and protect the sea and its inhabitants, integrating pop sounds with sounds that belong to the voices of the sea: humpback whales, sperm whales. Corally, has collaborated with David Bowie’s mentor Lindsay Kemp and has attracted the attention of Huffington Post, Sky Tg24, Sky Arte. Samuel from the famous band “Subsonica” invited Corally to perform at Eolie Music Fest 2022 as opening act for Daniele Silvestri. Elisa also hosted Corally at the Green Village of her Back to The Future Tour 2022 in Catania and Milan. Corally’s single “The Only Answer” was premiered on Rai Radio1 and performed at Ted X Lerici. Corally has performed in Italy and abroad, from the Olympic Stadium in Rome to May 1 in Prague and on June 25, 2023 she will be performing in Berlin for the Special Olympics World Games, representing Italy at the event with her song “You Gotta Fight”.

JEAN MARIE signed with Spinnin’ Records, Sony Music, Smash The House and other record labels. In 2017, he presented his song “Moonlight Fiesta” at the Ultra Music Festival Miami Main stage with Sean Paul. He has DJed at Spring Break festivals in Croatia and Sun Valley Festival in Switzerland. He has entered the Beatport and iTunes Main Chart Top 10 several times and has given digital and radio interviews, including DJ Mag. In 2018, he released ‘Gaia’ with Vini Vici and Blastoyz on Spinnin’ Records and surpassed more than 1 million streams, later in 2019, Vini Vici, Jean Marie and Hilight Tribe together released a new single ‘Moyoni’ via Smash The House.

BILLX is a French rave music producer. Since he started producing music, Billx has managed many styles to perfection. Starting with Hardtek in Europe with his hit “Eclipse” and then moving on to Frenchcore, his desire to improve never stops. Currently, he has a wide audience, from Brazil to France via Japan, thanks to international remixes. His tracks rock the streaming platforms with his unique style like “Tree of Life” and “Pagan Totem,” which already hit millions of views on YouTube. Billx always keeps a productive rhythm of creation and very often releases new tunes that smash the rave music world.

THOMAS DEIL, a.k.a Thomas Dalle Stelle, is an artist, DJ, and Producer class of ’99 born in Padua, Italy. The young Electronic Music Artist is rapidly rising in the global scene with his sound and style. Inspired by his life experiences, Thomas Deil seeks to create music outside the norm. The musician aims to make records of a certain depth, creating catchy and dynamic melodies. Thomas Deil is driven by his passion for music and his desire to be the next great Artist.

SHELLEY Summer Mix