Anderson, a long-time supporter and dear friend of Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson, has a long history of working with the marine conservation nonprofit. She joined the organization’s prestigious Media and Arts Advisory Board in January 2015.

Anderson has not only dedicated her time and resources to human and animal rights, and environmental protection, but she has also bravely fought alongside Sea Shepherd and in defense of ocean species on the frontlines. In the summer of 2014, Pamela traveled to the Faroe Islands to publicly speak about the mass slaughter of pilot whales known as the “grindadráp” or “grind”. In 2006, the Canadian native spoke up against the Canadian seal slaughter at the Juno Awards, sparking the strongest protests ever against the barbaric culling. Among her many concerns and actions in support of animal causes, Anderson is especially determined to help Sea Shepherd in its efforts to bring about an end to whaling, an internationally condemned practice that she believes belongs in the past. Anderson has justly received many awards and honors, including the Mercy for Animals Sam Simon Award for being a defender of animal rights, and in 2014 was named Grand Dame of Montenegro in recognition of her animal activism. She is also the recipient of the Linda McCartney Memorial Award, presented to her by Sir Paul McCartney, to recognize her dedicated work as a staunch defender of animal rights. Her own charity, the Pamela Anderson Foundation, provides support and funding directly to those organizations on the frontlines protecting and defending the rights of the planet and all those who call it home.

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