Two paintings to help free Erwin Vermeulen.

Artist and Sea Shepherd Netherlands Director, Geert Vons, is offering two of his paintings to help raise funds for Sea Shepherd volunteer Erwin Vermeulen’s legal expenses. Geert is responsible for much of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s artwork and logos.

Erwin is still being innocently detained in Japan. He has been incarcerated since December 16 and is being denied contact with anyone other than his lawyers. Erwin was in Taiji documenting the dolphin massacre, in an effort to bring awareness to this horrific slaughter, when he was falsely accused of pushing one of the dolphin resort employees. The court proceedings will take place at the end of January. Erwin could face up to 2 years in prison along with a hefty fine.

These paintings are not only unique and beautiful; they support a worthy cause- an innocent man’s freedom.  The paintings will be auctioned online.  We will keep track of the bidding on our website. Participate in the auction and make a bid for Erwin’s freedom!