Two new sets of Sea Shepherd Tattoo ink: The SHARK set and the WHALE set!

Last year Sea Shepherd, Quantum Tattoo Ink and Tattooland launched the Sea Shepherd Greywash set. By purchasing this set you will not only be using vegan and cruelty free tattoo ink but also help support Sea Shepherd in their ongoing mission protecting our oceans. Next to the unique Greywash set, we now announce two new colour sets. The shark set and the whale set.

Sea Shepherd stops the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of sharks every year by deploying patrol vessels with experienced marine conservation crew and law enforcement officers from coastal states. With the purchase of this shark set you support Sea Shepherd by keeping their vessels at sea, ready to patrol and stop shark poachers. The shark set contains 4 different grey colours and two reds, for all the unnecessairy bloodshed of the amazing sharks.

Despite a global moratorium on commercial whaling since 1986 a number of countries still continue their annual hunts unopposed. For many years, the job of defending and protecting the whales is left to Sea Shepherd. With the purchase of this whale set you support Sea Shepherd by keeping their vessels at sea, defending cetaceans worldwide. The whale set contains 4 different blue colours, a green and grey for a beautiful ocean sensation.

Are you familiar with the Greywash set? This set is unique for it’s composition. The grey colours are not made with black and water but the black is mixed with white. This way the ink stays thick which results in a high quality tattoo. All Quantum Tattoo Ink is vegan and cruelty free. It contains no animal products, and none of the ingredients or finished products are ever tested on animals. All Quantum vegan ink is CTL approved and therefore compliant with all EU quality standards, global health standards, and meets the requirements of the vegan community around the world. To use this ink in the collaboration meets expectations of all do-gooders in the community.

The Cause
By purchasing this vegan and cruelty free tattoo ink you will help support the Sea Shepherd foundation in their ongoing mission protecting our oceans. Sea Shepherd Amsterdam opened the Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio last year where guest artists from around the world tattoo for the good cause. All profits will go towards protecting the planet’s oceans to preserve them for generations to come. Sea Shepherd Tattoo is a creative way to raise awareness for the marine problems the world faces.

Get your unique Sea Shepherd Coloursets and Greywash set at Tattooland. For more info about the exact colours and pricing go to #inkfortheoceans