Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Steven Tyler visit Sea Shepherd fleet in Melbourne.

The whole crew were invited to come and see Aerosmith perform. The Melbourne gig was part of their environmentally themed ‘Global Warming Tour’. Steven stated that he and Joe had one of the most amazing experiences during the week by visiting the Sea Shepherd fleet and crew in Melbourne and that he wanted everyone to remember the name Sea Shepherd!

Joe Perry; “You know, it’s pretty screwed up. The laws are in place, but as we know, most of the governments are run by the big business. There is not enough money in it for different countries to send police out for whales and fish. When it starts to hit them in the pocket book, then maybe they will do something, but right now it’s up to guys like you, who are true vigilantes, you take the bull by the horns and do it and come what may and you put your lives in danger and for something you believe in. I just wrote a song about one man’s freedom fighters is another man’s terrorist and you guys are freedom fighters and it’s great to know you and we will help with your work as much as we can.”