Sea Shepherd proudly presents the partnership with an unique artist. An artist, expressing a deep and abiding love for all wildlife, taking a stand as an advocate against the extinction of species and a staunch defender of our oceans; Baris Gencel.

In the close-up AI art portraits of Last Echoes, hands delicately holding faces, skin resembles soils and corals symbolizing the fragile balance between human existence and the ecosystems we are an integral part of. The realistic portrayal invites viewers to contemplate the consequences of our actions for The Oceans. Last Echoes serves as a visual plea, warning message, urging us to recognize our responsibility towards the environment and encouraging a collective effort to preserve the delicate balance between humanity and our oceans.

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“Through my art, I aspire to encourage people to extend their compassion to every species – plants and animals alike – embracing our unique qualities and forging connections that transcend borders. We are intricately woven together, far more than we know or imagine. Without each other, we are destined to witness the tragic mass extinction.

–  Baris Gencel, Digital Artist and Creative Director


At the core of his artistic journey lies an unwavering reverence for the intricate wonders of our planet—its wildlife and animals. Through art Baris endeavors to capture the very essence of nature—the enchantment of flourishing flowers and the captivating dance of majestic jellyfish, moments reserved for those who venture into the untamed wilderness. Every petal, every scent, and every hue celebrates the magic of life—a divine symphony orchestrated by the ultimate artist, Nature herself. Baris being her humble advocate, ready to go to great lengths to protect and cherish her.

In the end, it is not just the beauty of animals; it is their irreplaceable personalities, their innocence, and their compassion that remind us of the intricate, delicate dance of existence. Every swimming dolphin, every flutter of parrots’ wings, and every rustling leaf is a testament to their marvelous existence.


Baris Gencel, an obsessively curious digital artist and creative director from Cyprus and based in Shanghai, is an esteemed speaker, writer, and panelist, delivering insightful talks on digital art, Artificial intelligence, creativity, visual communication, experience marketing, generative AI, and creativity. Baris keeps pushing the boundaries of visual experiences with new technologies. His innate ability to manipulate technology innovatively combined with his consistent curiosity and his obsession for nature have resulted in the development and execution of unusual works. He is a rare hybrid creative talent who keeps reinventing himself, serving nature.