Gojira releases a mini album to benefit Sea Shepherd.

Critically acclaimed French metal act Gojira have entered the studio to record a new EP set to benefit Sea Shepherd.

The band is promising guest vocalists and will be releasing the EP exclusively through their own website.
The band’s last album, The Way of All Flesh, was released in 2008.

Asked if there are still plans for Gojira to release the long-in-the-works Sea Shepherd EP, Joseph said: “The goal of that whole project was to put the spotlight on Sea Shepherd. Which I think is important, as an artist, to put the spotlights on something more important than just being a band and promoting our band always; there’s other things to promote. And Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are doing an amazing job at protecting the oceans. They’re trying their best to save the few whales left alive.”

He continued: “So we like to talk about them, and somehow, mission accomplished, because we brought a lot of people to their cause and we brought more attention to them. Cause they work only with individual donations; they don’t work with any corporations or anything like that. So we like also the way they do things and their ethics.”