Artists for Sea Shepherd Mexico get off the stage and dive into the Mexican Caribbean Sea to connect with the Mesoamerican reef system, and to see firsthand the damage cause by wastewater runoff. They are guided by Dr. Félix Aguirre, who conducts biological sampling and genetic studies to find the causes for the white syndrome and accelerated death of coral reefs in Mexico and around the world.

Sea Shepherd Mexico would like to thank:
– the Sea Shepherd Mexico Crew, they are the best in the world, it is an honor to have their time and dedication.
– diving centers @scuba_planet_mexico @barefoot_cozumel_playa and @phoceamexico who provide boat rental, equipment, and supplies. @uamxoc
– Dr. Carmen Monroy Dosta (in charge of the water and sediment quality studies of Sea Shepherd Mexico), @instauam, Lerma Dr. Félix Aguirre (in charge of the genomic sequencing study in attention to the white syndrome as part of the Kanaan Campaign), and the school @buceoproyectoazuloficial for all the support with training in
#CDMX and joining us in the field.
– @scubafestcozumel and all his team for such a good treatment, everyone has been really great.
– @islacozumelmx for the rescue and conservation of the SAM.
– @alberto_tinoco_guadarrama for turning to this side. Learn more about Sea Shepherd Mexico’s Kanaan Campaign to protect the coral reefs: #CampañaKanaan