Art serving our ocean

Sea Shepherd and Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam aim to highlight the ongoing catastrophe of abandoned fishing gear in our ocean. This Catch of the Day 2050 campaign creates a hard-hitting look at the future of the fish market in 2050.

“Global overfishing and plastic pollution form a serious threat to our ocean.
There is a lot of talking, organizing congresses and writing reports.
The facts and statistics are clear, but we keep on rationally ignoring them.
That’s why we came up with a different approach, direct and in your face, a visual wake up call.
Art and creativity serving our ocean!”

–  Drs. Geert Vons, Artistic Director Sea Shepherd Global

If we don’t stop the fishing industry, our ocean will soon carry more discarded and lost fishing gear, such as fishing nets, than actual fish. To call for immediate action to save the ocean, Sea Shepherd and Ogilvy Social.Lab created the unique campaign “Catch Of The Day 2050” – displaying seafood created from fishing nets found in the North Sea.

To bring the Catch Of The Day 2050 to life, we approached overfishing, and the tackling of derelict fishing gear, head-on. Students from ArtEZ University of the Arts and the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven were briefed to recreate sea life typically found on Dutch markets, using discarded fishing gear.

The range of sea-life artwork is displayed on a traditional Dutch herring kart, imitating a real fish stall in the centre of Amsterdam. The display is branded Catch Of The Day 2050 providing a glimpse into what our future could look like if we do not take steps to end the fishing industry.

Catch of the day 2050