The Sea Shepherd Crew by Paul Watson.

Oh what kind of men and woman are these.
Where the snow does fall and water freeze,
So far from the land, so far from the trees.
That journey into such hostile seas?
Working long, hard, cold, hours without pay,
Risks, without the expectation of gain.
Selflessly defending the whale’s domain,
Reducing the number of whales they slay.
Sanctuary must be defended.

This crew only acts when governments fail,
The arrogant whalers must be halted,
This criminal whaling must be ended.

They risk it all for the sake of the whale,
The sanctuary shan’t be assaulted.

Nine years they’ve gone down to the southern sea,
With each year getting better and better.

With crossed staff and trident on their sweater,
A single purpose with which they agree.

Pledging their lives to save so many lives,
Always careful not to harm the whales,
In that intent there can be no failures.

Going to sea, so the species survives.
Why does thus crew do this year after year?
What drives them to such a difficult task?
Who are these sailors who go south in ships?

Doing nothing is what this crew most fear,
And when anyone does bother to ask,
Love is the reason, read upon their lips.

Sanctuary does mean sanctuary,
Endangered are the Humpbacks and the Fins,

Old Ahab’s death has not absolved their sins,
Thus cultures clash every January.
The whale killers are ruthless in their quest.

They hate the Sea Shepherds with a passion,
Failing to understand our compassion.

Or why their whale poaching we must suppress.
Merciless killers, so stubborn proud,
Self proclaimed destructive angels of death,
Devoid of empathy, pity, and kindness.

Our brave crew unbowed, will never be cowed,
Determined to resist with every breath,
The sin of humanity’s sad blindness.