“I first met Captain Paul Watson in 2009, a man of great vision, ethics, and valor. As he told me about his life’s mission to protect whales, dolphins, and the oceans, I was inspired to support the work of Sea Shepherd in some way. That night, we talked about me coming on board as ship’s cook. I’m no stranger to the galley, and as part of the Smashing Pumpkins family, the idea seemed to fit, as their song ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ is the theme tune to Whale Wars’, and I know that Billy Corgan is a huge fan of Sea Shepherd’s work. As ‘The Coldwater Project’ developed, it seemed a better fit at this moment in time to support Sea Shepherd’s work through my music… But I’m not ruling out the idea of getting on board in the future! It is a pleasure to donate all proceeds from the sale of ‘The Mermaid Song’ to Sea Shepherd.”

Support by Ysanne Spevack